Tarifé Attär

Wild Vetiver (Ruh Khus)



Travel to the lands of Northern India and experience the cooling sensation of wild vetiver. A delightful essence that invokes the earth's tonic of water reeds and vegetal greens. Remarkably fresh and calming, immerse yourself into its healing waters. Astounding to the senses let the aroma bring balance to your mind and soul.

Method of Extraction: Hydro-distillation (Deg & Bhapka Method)


Origin: Khannuj, India

Bottle Sizes: 3ml & 6ml

How To Apply:

Each bottle of Tarifè Attär comes with a glass swiping rod. To apply, simply unplug the glass swiping wand from the bottle and swipe evenly over the soft part of your palm. Then you can gently warm the fragrance by rubbing hands together and then apply to pulse points on your body.

✓Cruelty free
✓Alcohol free
✓Comes in a velvet bag
✓Portable perfume bottle
✓Makes a perfect great gift


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