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Wild Vetiver (Ruh Khus)


W I L D ∙ V E T I V E R

As if the earth itself bestowed its liquid fragrance. Water reeds and lush green grass. Cooling to the skin and senses. Fresh and calming, this is a vetiver like no other. It is truly wild and vegetal with a natural sense of tranquility. With wood and spice, this is the greenest and water-like of all vetiver scents.

M O R E ∙ I N F O R M A T I O N

Wild Indian vetiver essential oil is made using a traditional extraction method known as steam distillation or “deg and bhapka” process. This involves boiling the plant material in copper pots over a burning fire. The steam from the boiling water carries the essential oils up a bamboo pipe, which is then captured in a leather bottle to be cooled and stored for distribution.

The essential oil extracted from Indian Vetiver has been used for centuries in India. It is known to have a calming effect on the mind and body and is said to have a grounding effect. It has also been used for its anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and anti-fungal properties. Indian Vetiver oil is also known to help with skin problems such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis.

M E T H O D ∙ O F ∙ E X T R A C T I O N

Steam Distilled over copper pots.

Fragrance Family: Woody & Aromatic

• Top Notes: Essential Oil of Wild Vetiver
• Middle Notes: Essential Oil of Wild Vetiver
• Base Notes: Indian Sandalwood


• Hand Decanted
• Vegan & Cruelty-free
• Alcohol-free & Long Lasting
• Portable perfume bottle
• Makes a perfect gift for her or him
• Ships from a small business in California

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