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Elegant Queen Collection-10-Piece Luxury Set


E L E G A N T ∙ Q U E E N ∙ C O L L E C T I O N

The Elegant Queen Collection will lead you on a journey of elegance and sophistication. With ten luxurious fragrances, this exclusive collection is the perfect way to spoil yourself or surprise someone special.

Indulge your senses with this unique selection of carefully hand-crafted scents that embody femininity with an air of refinement. Individually made using the finest ingredients and intricately hand-packed with love, each item in this collection embodies luxury at its best.

Elegant Queen comes with the following:

1.) Amber white

It's a sweet fresh smelling scent. I would say that it smells like it is in the white musk family. It has hints of florals and is close to amber gold and Egyptian musk but not as powdery. Definitely, a daily wear perfume that will make you happy. 

2.) Lily Of The Valley 

The perfect balance of subtle sweetness, zesty freshness, and underlying floral notes make this an ideal scent for everyday wear — perfect for both casual days as well as more formal occasions. Lily of the Valley's unique blend of aromas will immediately transport you to another realm; whether it's a sunny outdoor picnic with friends or an intimate candlelight dinner, this enchanting elixir will add just the right touch to whatever special moment you wish to create.

3.) Egyptian Musk

Egyptian Musk is a clean, airy, and brightening fragrance. Fresh and alluring with the signature floral and delicately powdery notes every Egyptian Musk connoisseur has come to love. Dry, musky desert air colliding with the Mediterranean breeze makes Egyptian Musk the perfect alchemical masterpiece—it's long-lasting, timeless, and beautifully memorable. For all places. For all people.

4. Turkish Rose

This Turkish rose is a complex Rose Attar with woody overtones. Described as a bright, woody and sharp rose, none heady or dull. Turkish rose enlivens and excites both the wearer and those captivated by this majestic rose. 

5.) China Rain

Beautiful light and watery fragrance, a blend of water lily, and light florals. 

6.) Floral Dew

A refreshing light and sweet floral bouquet with woody base notes.

7.)  Sandalwood Rose

Her beauty radiates with satin soft rose petals. A veil of pure grace and beauty as a delicate flower. The gentlest touch of austere sandalwood. An idyllic blend for the romantic fragrance admirer. Intimately feminine in every characteristic.

8.) Vanilla Sands 

A lustrous vanilla to entice your cravings. Delectable nuances of caramel with the slightest whisper of a gourmand. Softwoods appeal to the senses warming with a sensual hug. Lusciously delicious, sure to intrigue all that inspire the aroma. Vanilla is so lavish it even appeals to those who do not like sweet scents.

9.) Blue Lotus

Discover the ancient gardens of azure waters and lush greenery. This sacred blue lily of the Nile is said to be the fragrance of Cleopatra herself. Let the rich, opulent aroma bloom and astound you. Intoxicating, euphoric, and mysterious—Blue Lotus enchants both the wearer and witnesses alike, it's soothing effect relaxes the mind and ennobles the spirit. A spicy floral oriental attar that wraps you in a silky veil as it settles to a powdery whisper...

10.) Arabian Jasmine 

Surround yourself with romantic luxury when you wear this exquisite, sweet, bright floral masterpiece. Make each moment special by allowing yourself to be enveloped by elegant femininity with a hint of elegance everywhere you might roam. Revel in the self-confidence that comes with wearing this distinguished scent, as everyone who surrounds you will be pleasantly surprised - the perfect complement for any occasion.



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