We created Tarife Attar to connect people to the beauty of natural Indian attars and Arabian-style perfumery.
Tarife Attar is for everyone who craves an adventure-filled life, a courageous and beautiful life yet rooted in traditions. We serve a community full of self-aware individuals who appreciate originality, authenticity, and all that is true.
They are intelligent, cordial, and courteous. They love to be immersed in subtle details that bring joy and remove the mundane worries from life.
These free-spirited souls seek freedom over being caught up with societal expectations.
They have their way of moving, loving, and expressing their personality, which is both elegant and unique.
They don't want to be confined, structured or predictable. They enjoy reading books, growing food, and carving their own path in life.
They love God. They love humanity, and they love doing what is right.
We believe there are many of you, each one unique and rare.
Be rare!
Tarife Attar. The Rare Apothecary.