Greetings, my name is Jordan Richter.

Over 20 years ago a friend of mine exposed me to the most beautiful fragrance, different than anything that I have ever smelled before. It was rich, majestic & elegant. It took me to a far off place, a place I've never been, but longed to experience.

As time past, I became increasingly interested in seeking out these unique aromatic treasures. It wasn’t until my travels to India where I would visit my first Attar shop. It was overwhelming and beautiful, being immersed in the most elegant natural essences.

It so became a tradition for me that whenever I would travel overseas to India and other countries in the middle east I would visit these amazing Attar shops.

Tarifé Attär is a curation of all those amazing essences that inspired me over the years and made my life that much more enriched, so now I would like to share them with you.