Every great adventure begins with a road.


You may not know where it leads; you only know you must get on it. You know this the way you know your own skin, or the way you know your heart is still beating— without instruction, without permission.

You know this because you are a seeker, a pilgrim on a sacred quest, a wanderer with divine purpose….

We know this because we are too.

We believe that all great explorers, thinkers, and creators have something in common: a rarity of essence that is unique, undeniably authentic, and as innate to them as their own fingerprints on a dusty windowpane.

Tarifè Attär was born of a traveller’s spirit. We honor the same age-old tradition of steam-distilled perfume oil made in copper pots that has been passed down for centuries through the devoted hands of ancient alchemists, healers, and sages. 

Now we pass them on to you. Take them with you on your next journey, for they’ve come a long way to find you.

Our Story Begins….



Greetings, my name is Jordan Richter.
Over 20 years ago a friend of mine exposed me to the most beautiful fragrance, different than anything that I have ever smelled before. It was rich, majestic & elegant. It took me to a far off place, a place I've never been, but longed to experience.
As time past, I became increasingly interested in seeking out these unique aromatic treasures. It wasn’t until my travels to India where I would visit my first Attar shop. It was overwhelming and beautiful, being immersed in the most elegant natural essences.
It so became a tradition for me that whenever I would travel overseas to India and other countries in the middle east I would visit these amazing Attar shops.
Tarifé Attär is a curation of all those amazing essences that inspired me over the years and made my life that much more enriched, so now I would like to share them with you.