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Exalted King Collection- 10-Piece Luxury Fragrance Gift Set [Limited Availability]


The King Collection

Honor your inner emperor with the limited-edition Exalted King Collection, featuring ten miniature ampoules of our best-selling men’s fragrances. Tarifé Attär invites you to celebrate the artisanal techniques of ancient alchemy in this decadent collection fit for royalty.

Revel in a sensory journey of salted ocean air and peeled tangerines, then depart to toasted aromatic woods and honeyed resins. Build your personal temple of scent with a layered blend, or discover the allure of a single fragrance. Open the door to a gilded empire of your own creation.

Packed in our signature midnight foiled box and ready to impress. Delivered directly to you or your chosen recipient in time for gifting.

 This collection includes 10/3ml bottles of the following attars: 

✦ Egyptian Musk

✦ Black Musk

✦ Musk Tahara

✦ Black Oudh

✦ Attar Aseel

✦ Frankincense & Myrrh

✦ Honey Oudh

✦ Granada Amber

✦ Himalayan Musk

✦ Gibraltar

Expanded Fragrance Notes:

Egyptian Musk: Musky, powdery with airy breeze

Black Musk: Musky, sweet & powdery fragrance, lots of depth

Musk Tahara: Soft floral, airy, musky, delicate and sweet-powdery

Black Oudh: Citrus and woody with vanilla

Attar Aseel: Citrus, sweet florals

Frankincense & Myrrh: Woody, resinous & slightly-sweet

Honey Oudh: Sweet, woody, warm-vanilla & spice

Granada Amber: Warm-woody, sweet and earthy

Himalayan Musk: Light, airy with light florals & morning dew

Gibraltar: Fresh air, light florals, and aquatic

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