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Exalted King Collection- 10-Piece Luxury Fragrance Gift Set [Limited Availability]


Exalted King Collection

Honor your inner emperor with the limited-edition Exalted King set, featuring ten miniature ampoules of our best-selling men’s fragrances. Tarifé Attär invites you to celebrate the artisanal techniques of ancient alchemy in this decadent collection fit for royalty.

Revel in a sensory journey of salted ocean air and peeled tangerines, then depart to toasted aromatic woods and honeyed resins. Build your personal temple of scent with a layered blend, or discover the allure of a single fragrance. Open the door to a gilded empire of your own creation.

Packed in our signature midnight foiled box and ready to impress. Shipped directly to you or a gift recipient in time for holiday giving, along with a scannable gift code good towards any full-sized Tarifé Attär product.

 This collection includes 10/3ml bottles of the following attars: 

✦ Egyptian Musk

✦ Black Musk

✦ Musk Tahara

✦ Black Oudh

✦ Attar Aseel

✦ Frankincense & Myrrh

✦ Honey Oudh

✦ Granada Amber

✦ Himalayan Musk

✦ Gibraltar

Expanded Fragrance Notes:

Egyptian Musk: Musky, powdery with airy breeze

Black Musk: Musky, sweet & powdery fragrance, lots of depth

Musk Tahara: Soft floral, airy, musky, delicate and sweet-powdery

Black Oudh: Citrus and woody with vanilla

Attar Aseel: Citrus, sweet florals

Frankincense & Myrrh: Woody, resinous & slightly-sweet

Honey Oudh: Sweet, woody, warm-vanilla & spice

Granada Amber: Warm-woody, sweet and earthy

Himalayan Musk: Light, airy with light florals & morning dew

Gibraltar: Fresh air, light florals, and aquatic

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