Tarifé Attär

Superior Egyptian Musk


"Tattered canopies cover the spice shops along the cobble stone road, the barking of the shop keepers calling to their wares, the scent of the old world permeates every corner as wafting Frankincense fills the air, you smell the aged leather from the shoemaker, the scent of antique woven baskets by the Bedouin lady, the distinct musky scent of the midday sun beating against the old stone city walls. Egyptian Musk Superior is much more elevated, heady and pronounced musk than her sister—Egyptian Musk. A masculine Attar that is bold and rustic, yet elegant enough to be enjoyed by both men and women alike. A truly majestic and old world experience.

Origin: India
Collection: Silk Road
Notes: Soft Floral & Oriental
Available Bottle Sizes: 6ml & 12ml

✔︎ Vegan friendly and cruelty free
✔︎ Perfect for both men and women
✔︎ Free of parabens, pthalates and sulfates
✔︎ Alcohol-free oil-based perfumes last all day
✔︎ Beautiful presentation, comes in black gift box
✔︎ A healthy alternative to alcohol perfume sprays


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