Tarifé Attär

Sandalwood Rose


Her beauty radiates with satin soft rose petals. A veil of pure grace and beauty as a delicate flower. The gentlest touch of austere sandalwood. An idyllic blend for the romantic fragrance admirer. Intimately feminine in every characteristic.

Origin: Mecca, Arabia
Collection: Imperial Garden
Notes: Soft & Floral oriental
Available Bottle Sizes: 6ml & 12ml

✔︎ Vegan friendly and cruelty free
✔︎ Perfect for both men and women
✔︎ Free of parabens, pthalates and sulfates
✔︎ Alcohol-free oil-based perfumes last all day
✔︎ Beautiful presentation, comes in black gift box
✔︎ A healthy alternative to alcohol perfume sprays


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