Tarifé Attär

Royal Court Sample Set



Gold embossed on a thick black scroll; the invitation unfurls to reveal its
message: “Your presence is desired at the royal court for an evening of revelry.”
Marble steps ascend high, all the way up to the white-domed palace where
exquisite Oud hangs on the night air as you pass through ornate arches of stone,
and into the very heart of opulence.

The hall is robust, brimming with masked aristocrats, soothsayers, sophisticates and
artists—all brilliant minds, each one radiating the essence of a refined and noble purpose. Gifts of precious elements, herbs, and sacred burning wood adorn the great table as offerings to our gracious hosts. The music envelops your senses in amber visions of blue lotus petals committing sweet perfume in the rising steam of a sovereign’s golden bathtub. This must be what it means to be in true communion with the divine— free and cherished as the ethereal fragrance that soars overhead, ever reaching for the sky.

1. Mysore 
2. Ruh Khus 
3. Oudh Shamama
4. Mukhallat 
5. Shamamatul Amber

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