Tarifé Attär

Musk Gazelle

*Apothecary bottle featured in photo is not for sale. This offer is for the accompanied bottle on the left.

Wrapped in divine enchantment, Musk Gazelle by Tarife Attar, is a hypnotically rich and incredibly sensual fragrance, perfect for both women and men. An elegant scent captured in an utterly exquisite bottle, with a message from the days of yore:

“Find your personal legend!”

Apply and be transported to a much simpler time and space, as you walk by friend and foe trailing a cloud of beauty, a awe-striking reminder of your unique gifts and talents.

This beautiful classic scent is a masterful blend of dark, musky and spicy notes. You will discover delectable aromas of cinnamon, saffron and clove delicately woven together with each application. Not only is the scent absolutely stunning, it also contains no animal products so you can feel truly good about wearing it. Collectors will find the Musk Gazelle an absolute must-have, adding delightful richness to your collection that you will truly cherish forever.

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