Tarifé Attär

Maritime Voyage Sample Set (Fresh Citrus & Aquatic)



As your head breaks the ocean’s surface, the first thing you see are the ships. Tall masts with sails like billowed clouds float on gentle water while rowboats transport precious cargo to shore. Bright afternoon light plays tricks on glassy waves, and sea foam sparkles at the sound of friends laughing on the beach in the distance. There’s citrus in the air, and a salty breeze brushes past your skin on its way to dance in tide pools, hidden grottos, and along the lush cliffside. Breathe deeply before diving under again—cool blues and aquamarine rejuvenation await.

7 Samples that come in 0.05 - 1ml vials

- Attar Bahia
- Floral Dew
- China Rain
- Chateau Neroli
- Jannat Nayeem
- Elysium
- Coconut Grove

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