Tarifé Attär

Majmua Attar


Attar Majmua

"Majmua" is a deep, rich, and woody musk with a green 'mossy' base.

The scent evokes a feeling of trekking through a densely populated forest reminiscent of the Amazon Basin. The sights and smells of raw earth along with exotic florals surrounded you, capturing a very unique blend of spice, earth and floral notes.

Praise for Majmua:

"Brilliant majmua! Green, fresh earth, floral, and woody. Compared to Nemat's 96, this is much smoother and it's sandalwood is much more pronounced here. I must also point out the bottle and glass dip stick are a marvelous touch! The sample was *very* generous as well. Overall, super professional as well. Look forward to future purchases, sir!" ~ Mike Hollis

Origin: India


Top note: Sweet, ethereal, floral notes
Heart note: Cool, floral, earthy, root notes
Base note: Green, herbaceous, mossy notes



• Vegan
• Unisex
• Cruelty free
• Alcohol free
• Comes in a velvet bag
• Portable perfume bottle
• Makes a perfect great gift

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