Tarifé Attär

25/6ml Bottles (Tarife Attär Chest)

The TARIFÈ ATTÄR chest allows our clients to build their own fragrance collection.

***Pick from the below list (copy/paste) and put in the notes section upon check out***

Silk Road Collection

- Saffron
- Bakhoor
- Red Musk
- Attar Kush
- White Oudh
- Seville
- Black Musk
- Amber Gold
- Black Amber
- Honey Oudh
- Amber White
- Musk Tahara
- Frank & Myrrh
- Egyptian Musk
- Golden Sand
- Granada Amber
- Himalayan Musk
- Egyptian Superior
- Gibraltar

Imperial Garden Collection

Blue Lotus
Attar Sophia
Turkish Rose
Sandal Rose
Jannat Firdaus
Indian Jasmine
White Egyptian Musk

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