Tarifé Attär

Silk Road Collection - 10 Piece Elegant Gift Box


The sun begins its climb over distant, jutting mountains as you make your way through the bustling bazaar. You're first of so many stops along this timeless road; you don’t want to miss anything. Golden treasures catch the light through Moroccan latticed windows like intricate desert snowflakes, and the most delicate cloth cascades in smooth, multicolored waterfalls all around you. Wafting incense transports your mind to the faraway places that have caravanned thousands of miles to be here.

This is the road where cultures convene to trade their secrets and discover new ones to keep. Close your eyes as the memories flood back— thick forests over endless, green valleys, rocky plateaus under the clattering of Arabian horses, and ancient messages chiseled on the pillars of majestic cities that ripple like mirages in the translucent and golden sand.

This collection includes 10/3ml bottles of the following Attars: 

✦ Red Musk
✦ Black Musk
✦ Musk Tahara
✦ Amber Gold
✦ Amber White
✦ Frank & Myrrh
✦ Egyptian Musk
✦ Granada Amber
✦ Himalayan Musk
✦ Egyptian Musk Superior



⚜️ Red Musk: This warm musk contains hints of spices and lends itself to a more mature genre. It is reminiscent of Lush's "Karma," yet it feels much more opulent and expensive. Majestic and rich. 

⚜️ Black Musk: This blend has deep and spicy undertones; it is a classic well-rounded and full-bodied musk. Spicier and warmer than our Red Musk, yet with fewer top notes and slightly less complex. A more masculine leaning musk, with a LOT of sultry to boot.

⚜️ Amber Gold: Amber Gold is a lighter version of Granada Amber, yet more pronounced than Amber White. Those who might find Amber White too subtle will find Amber Gold a perfect substitute.

⚜️ Amber White: This is a clean, soft, light musk with a hint of subtle floral-sweet. But not overly feminine like our White Musk—reminiscent of clean laundry in the most nostalgic way. 

⚜️ White Musk (Musk Tahara): Famous for being used as an after-shower-scent in gulf countries. Musk Tahara has a beautifully clean, powdery, and airy composition. Many attar collectors love this scent for its viscosity and staying power. Subtle projection and unobtrusive—Musk Tahara is a must-have for any collector.

⚜️ Frankincense & Myrrh: This is a true high-end blend of frankincense and myrrh. I think this one is quite decadent and could be layered with several scents from The Silk Road collection to add some sweetness.

⚜️ Egyptian Musk: This musk is feminine and subtle with some floral notes—a comforting and familiar light musk scent.

⚜️ Granada Amber: This amber is spicy! Unisex. It's bolder and warmer than Tarifè Attär's Amber Gold (this one sizzles). This perfume has got entirely different energy altogether.

⚜️ Himalayan Musk: This musk is clean and slightly floral (in a fresh cooling way). It is a feminine scent for mature women.

⚜️ Superior Egyptian Musk: Egyptian Musk Superior is much more elevated, heady, and pronounced musk than her sister—Egyptian Musk. A masculine Attar that is classy yet rustic, yet elegant enough to be enjoyed by both men and women alike. A truly majestic and old-world experience.

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