Tarifé Attär

China Musk

C H I N A ∙ M U S K

Created by Body Time in Berkeley over four decades ago, this classic beauty will captivate your senses. This unisex scent offers an enticing blend of sensual light musks and intoxicating Chinese rose, combined with an invigorating citrus burst and warm hints of light vanilla and amber spice. Original China Musk is a reminder that quality always outlasts trends. Add undeniably seductive appeal to all your days and nights with this exquisite perfume oil for a truly timeless scent that hearkens back to rarefied days gone by.

Fragrance Family: Soft Oriental

• Top Notes: Floral Musk
• Middle Notes: White Musk
• Base Notes: Musk & Spice


• Hand Decanted
• Vegan & Cruelty-free
• Alcohol-free & Long Lasting
• Portable perfume bottle
• Makes a perfect gift for her or him
• Ships from a small business in California

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