At Tarifé Attär, we pride ourselves on our unique curated attars, ouds, ambers, and designer fragrances oils.

Compare your ideal fragrance quiz score to the results below to learn which discovery set holds your ideal fragrance!

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Mostly As - Maritime Collection

The crisp, clean, fruity, and citrusy perfumes in this collection are sure to inspire both your creative and adventurous side.

Both classic and familiar, the Maritime collection is perfect for optimists who find peace around water and who live for those endless summers.





Mostly Bs - Silk Road Collection

Musks, ambers, ouds, and other deep, rich scents make up this heady and spiritual collection hailing from the ancient trade routes of old.

If you love to travel, go on adventures, and meet new people, this unique Silk Road fragrance collection is sure to hold your ideal scents. 





Mostly Cs - Royal Court Collection

You are a bit of a rebel, with expensive taste! You're not afraid to be different and indulge in the finer experiences life has to offer.

Our Royal Court collection includes some of the most rare and rich Indian ouds and attars distilled from the highest-quality perfume ingredients.





Mostly Ds - Imperial Garden Collection

You are a sensual traditionalist. You love floral and herbal scents with a hint of richer woods and ambers.

Plants of all types, especially roses and other highly fragrant flowers are combined in this Imperial Garden collection to make your ideal attars and perfume oils.





Not sure which fragrance to choose first? Consider a discovery set with small samples of fragrances from your ideal collection!